100% Pure Vegetable Glycerin USP Grade For Skin Care Moisturizer Cleanser Dry Cracked Skin Relief Acne Treatment Wrinkles Antiaging Benefits Hypoallergenic Vegetarian Burn and Scar Softening Treatment

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Manufacturer Description

Vegetable glycerin, also called glycerol, is made from plant sources and contains no animal products. Glycerin has quite a few different uses such as emulsification for oil and water, skin moisturization and amplification of the moisturizing effects of skin cream, and gentle makeup removal. It is ideal for cracked skin healing, skin toning, and acne treatment when combined with other skin care products and may be used on its own as well.

Vegetable glycerin can be used at home as an emulsifier for oil and water. It is a humectant, which means that it will draw moisture from the air into your skin. It also works to retain moisture in your skin, which makes it the perfect emulsifier for oil and water skin applications. Simply add it to your favorite oil, massage into the skin, and watch your skin absorb the moisture from the oil and retain it for much longer. This also makes it a special addition to any essential oil blend for massage. Massage therapists can add a few drops of glycerin to any oil to provide a luxurious, full body skin moisturizing effect.

Many people use it as an overnight solution for soothing cracked feet. To use as a healing treatment for dry heels, massage a good amount of glycerin into the heels of the feet before bed, add socks, and wake up in the morning to find that your heels have become moist and soft. You can also use it as a simple hand moisturizer by diluting it and massaging it into the back of your hands where many people experience drying of the skin during the winter months. Vegetable glycerin is clearly one of the most versatile products you can use as part of your skin care routine, making is an essential product to have as part of your beauty care.

  • 100% Vegetarian, No Animal Byproducts
  • Skin Healing Benefits For Dry, Irritated And Burned Skin
  • Use As Skin Cleanser To Remove Impurities And Soften Skin
  • Product Features

    SKIN CARE BENEFITS Has a soothing effect on dry, irritated, chapped, or burned skin. Heals cracked heels, can be used as a makeup remover and skin cleanser, and may have skin whitening effects. IDEAL AS A TONER Mix with water and use as a toner that won't dry skin. Evens skin tone and texture, draws moisture to the skin and plumps it overnight. Helps heal and soften the look of acne scars. HUMECTANT AND MOISTURIZER Boosts moisture retention in the skin causing anti-aging effects, softens wrinkles, plumps skin, and allows makeup to glide on smoother. Add to your favorite moisturizer. SCAR SOFTENING AND REMOVAL Skin whitening effect lightens scars and softens rough skin to reduce and flatten the look of acne scars, reduce irritation and redness from burns and hydrate the skin. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED This product is 100% pure, vegetarian and USP grade. It is cruelty free with no artificial or chemical additives. Suitable for daily use by men and women for skin care.

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